Toddlers on Technology: A Parents Guide Heather Leathers

ISBN: 9781481730488

Published: April 5th 2013


172 pages


Toddlers on Technology: A Parents Guide  by  Heather Leathers

Toddlers on Technology: A Parents Guide by Heather Leathers
April 5th 2013 | Hardcover | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, ZIP | 172 pages | ISBN: 9781481730488 | 5.47 Mb

TODDLERS ON TECHNOLOGY Does your toddler seem to know more about the iPad than you do? Welcome to the world of the Digitods: the young children born into the era of mobile technology. These kids are learning faster and better than any generation that has come before them.

And they are loving it! Take a look at toddlers using an iPad. They are pictures of concentration. Their hands are moving and their eyes are constantly scanning the screen. They are in an active state of learning: their neurons are firing on all cylinders! It is not surprising that they find learning such an enjoyable activity, with the bright colors, interesting activities and cheery voices urging them on. Have you ever tried getting a Digitods attention when he is working with an iPad? It is not easy. Often, the child is so fixated on the work that he protests when he has to move on, even to something as interesting as a snack.

It just underscores what teachers have always known. Good learning is addictive: the more you get, the more you want. Digitods are racing down the information superhighway and we have to be ready for them! But what does this entail? The answer to this ever-important question lies within. Patti Wollman Summers has written the first book on the subject by an early child-hood educator.

Ms. Summers collaborates with Heather Ibrahim-Leathers, a mom who provides many practical tips, and Ann DeSollar-Hale, PhD, a neuropsychologist who gives a full account of the research so far in our Science section. Learn why interacting with an app is so fascinating to a young child. Discover what constitutes a good app, and how to match an app to your childs temperament and learning style.

Read a description of many excellent apps in our App Reviews section, and learn how to balance your childs digital work with real-life, see-saw activities. For parents of children under six who are concerned about their childrens development in a surprisingly unfamiliar world, TODDLERS ON TECHNOLOGY is a must-read! Visit or Design & Photography by

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